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Whether you have faced criminal prosecution before or have never seen the inside of a courtroom, defending a criminal charge can be a frightening and immensely stressful experience. Understanding exactly how state law will apply to your case and how prosecutors will prosecute you could be vital to securing a favorable case result. Knowledge of the legal system can be hard to gain and even harder to use effectively if you try to represent yourself or depend on an inexperienced criminal lawyer.

Fortunately, you have help available from a dedicated and dependable Allen criminal defense lawyer. We have over 100 combined years of experience handling criminal cases throughout the Lone Star State. Our attorneys are not afraid of any cases or trials and do whatever it takes to get the best results possible.

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No matter what brings you into our office, we are prepared to offer you strategic advice geared toward your ideal results.

Assistance with All Levels of Criminal Charges

State law divides most criminal offenses into one of two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors come in three levels of severity. Class A is more serious than Class B, and Class B is more serious than Class C.

While the law considers many Class C misdemeanors as minor offenses since they are generally punishable by only a maximum $500 fine and no jail time, they can have serious collateral consequences. Class B misdemeanors carry a maximum jail sentence of six months in county jail and a $2,000 maximum fine. The maximum penalties for Class A misdemeanor convictions increase to one year of jail time and a $4,000 fine.

Felony convictions are punishable by maximum $10,000 fines and, based on which of the categories listed below a charge falls into, the following terms of incarceration:

  • State jail felony – between six months and two years in state jail, as opposed to state prison
  • Third-degree felony – two to 10 years in state prison
  • Second-degree felony – two to 20 years in state prison
  • First-degree felony – five to 99 years or life imprisonment
  • Capital felony – the death penalty or life imprisonment for juvenile offenders

A criminal defense attorney in Allen can go into further detail about what other possible consequences might come with a certain charge during a private consultation.

What Our Clients Say

Very dedicated attorneys and staff. Really knew how to fix my legal situation in a discrete and complete way.
I’ve had great results with this law firm. Recently Miranda helped me terminate my felony probation successfully, and for a reasonable cost. They are very familiar with the Collin County court system and provided great counsel to me throughout my brush with the law over the past few years.
Trevor F.
The Collin County Law group was a great help to me and my family! They are responsive and transparent. I would definitely recommend Jon O'toole and the Collin County Law group. They care about their clients!
Brian J.
Josh Andor has been very persistent in addressing the needs for my legal issues. He's kind and aggressive in the court room and he never gives up when it comes to doing the research needed. I'd recommend him to anybody with a case pending in Collin county.
Amber N.
I am very grateful for Josh. He was amazingly EXCEPTIONAL! I knew from the consultation with Josh I could trust him to represent me. He made a stressful time in my life a lot less stressful. The communication was clear, he was very professional, and always made me feel like a priority. The willingness listen and knowledge of the law was truly appreciated. I can’t express my gratitude enough! I definitely recommend!!
John W.
I got hit with a DWI while on a business trip from the UK. Case was complicated as I was not a US citizen so could not do probation/courses etc. Jon argued a plea bargain for me that far exceeded what I hoped for. I found him to be excellent in all aspects of my case.

Case Results

Not Guilty

A client was charged with the aggravated assault of a public servant in Collin county. The evidence collected by the police and by using an investigator it was clear the client was not guilty. Partner Mito Gonzalez and Trial Attorney Miranda Craddock tried the case to a jury in the 366th District Court of Collin County. The jury deliberated and returned a verdict of not guilty.

No Charges

A client was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, for which they had a prescription. After investigating and consulting the client’s doctor, Attorney Jon O’Toole was able get this felony dismissed prior to indictment.

Charges Dropped

A client was charged with three offenses: family violence, interference with an emergency call, and violation of a protective order. Through a thorough investigation, Attorney Jon O’Toole was able to show that the complainant had lied.

Building a Strong and Custom-Tailored Defense

No two criminal cases are exactly alike. An individual could face various charges for DWI, assault, theft, fraud, homicide, and more. This means there is no universal defense strategy that works for every single criminal defendant. Especially for people with past criminal convictions on their records, assistance from experienced legal counsel can be vital to contesting specific facts and claims made by the prosecution. Tailoring that defense strategy to the particular circumstances a defendant is facing is an important part of every representation

Often, a legal representative uses objective evidence to establish a defendant’s actions did not meet the elements necessary to count as a criminal act. Other cases could lead to arguments a defendant should receive a lesser offense as opposed to the more severe one the state charged them with. Representation from a skilled lawyer is necessary to build a defense for criminal cases in Allen.

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An Allen Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help

Whether misdemeanors or felonies, minor or life-altering, your criminal charge should be taken seriously and contested as proactively as possible. A seasoned Allen criminal defense lawyer could help you develop a defense and minimize the impact your criminal proceedings will have on your personal and professional prospects outside of court.

If you need help with any criminal charge, you should make it a priority to contact our firm. Call today to schedule a meeting to discuss your defense options.

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