Passionate Defenders of Justice

Josh Andor

Attorney at Law

With board certifications in Criminal Law, Family Law, and Child Welfare Law, Josh is ready to help you through any legal battle you may face. In addition to his specializations, Josh will use his over 10 years of experience to make sure your case is resolved in the best way possible.

Matthew J. Goheen

Attorney at Law

Given that Matt has served as both a U.S. Marine and an Army Reserve Soldier, it’s clear that he has always felt a strong need to protect and serve. In his criminal defense practice, he does so by standing up for his clients’ rights.

Jon O’Toole

Attorney at Law

Between the attorneys at our firm, we have handled approximately 475 jury trials (and counting). Of those, Jon is responsible for more than 100. Not only that, but Jon has a tendency to empower his clients by taking the time to ensure they fully understand their rights and what to expect from their case.

Derk Wadas

Attorney at Law

Derk brings over 16 years of criminal law experience. He is a former prosecutor and board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Derk's knowledge, experience, and passion make him an integral member of the team.

Manuel "Mito" Gonzalez

Attorney at Law

Manuel "Mito" Gonzalez spent several years as a prosecutor and is now using that experience to defend your rights in criminal cases, family law cases, and juvenile cases. Mito is another member of our team who is board certified in Criminal Law.

Katheryn Haywood

Attorney at Law, Of Counsel

With over two decades of experience and more than 200 jury trials under her belt, you can trust that Katheryn knows how to handle just about any criminal case presented to her. And, as a former Assistant District Attorney, she is very familiar with the prosecution side of the law.

Criminal Charges We Fight

Collin County Felonies

Felonies are crimes defined by the state government and can be punishable by a prison sentence and sizable fines instead of county jail. Talk to us about how to fight back.

Collin County Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors, though less severe than felonies, can cause you and your family a lot of stress — not to mention fines and possible jail time.

Learn More

Aggravated Assault

Violent crimes like aggravated assault are classified as felonies in Texas. Our attorneys have experience combating these types of charges.

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Sex Crimes

Being falsely accused of rape, child molestation, or an internet sex crime is a terrifying experience. Let us fight to clear your good name.

Driving While Intoxicated

Our attorneys are extremely familiar with the tactics prosecutors use to try and seal the deal on DWI charges. Put that knowledge to use in your case.

Drug Charges

Getting caught with marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, or another illegal substance shouldn’t define your entire future. Let’s discuss your options.

In Texas, there are three classes of misdemeanor: A, B, and C.

One of the most important things you can do right now is get informed about the legal aspects of your situation. For instance, if you’re being charged with a misdemeanor offense, you should know Class A charges carry the most severe penalties, followed by Class B, with Class C being the least severe. Also, it may be possible to reduce those penalties with the right legal professionals handling your case.

Texas felony charges carry heavy penalties, but a lawyer can help.

In Texas, felony charges include high value thefts, drug crimes, sexual assaults, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and other violent crimes. Depending on how serious the alleged crime, you could face prison time and a fine of up to $10,000. At Andor, Goheen, O'Toole, Wadas & Gonzalez, P.L.L.C., we consider it our job to get between you and the train — that is, to do everything we can to minimize the impact of your criminal charges.

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Case Results

If there’s one thing you should take away from these case results, this is it: we have a knack for finding the solution that makes the most sense for each client we represent. When you work with us, you can expect direct, honest advice and attorneys who will not hesitate to fight for you in trial when it’s in your best interests.

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Representing Our Fellow Texans

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Based in McKinney.
Serving Northeastern Texas.

Collin County, TX

Our office is located in McKinney, Texas — right in the heart of Collin County. Feel free to call or come by for a consultation.

Denton County, TX

Of course, we’re not shy about traveling to meet with clients in jail or at a nearby courthouse. This includes those in Denton County.

Grayson County, TX

Grayson County, our neighbor to the north, is home to many of our clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out if this is where you’re located.

DFW Metroplex

Our practice is by no means limited to three locations. We proudly serve clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As trial attorneys with 50+ years of combined experience, we
know how to fight for our clients both in and out of the courtroom.

With a criminal charge looming, you don’t have much time to play the “which attorney should I hire?” guessing game. Fortunately, you have a number of excellent choices right here in Collin County. We at Andor, Goheen, O'Toole, Wadas & Gonzalez, P.L.L.C. pride ourselves on our versatile experience successfully defending our clients both in trial and out. In other words, we know how and when to push for a plea bargain, negotiate a better option, and/or take your case to trial.

An Impressive Success Rate in Trial

No one can guarantee a certain outcome for your case; frankly, anyone who tries to do so is not giving your situation the respect it deserves. However, we can tell you that we have had a great deal of success defending our clients against a wide variety of criminal charges. Among these charges are DWI, family violence, burglary, robbery, drug possession, and sexual assault. But don’t just take our word for it — explore our case results to see how we’ve combatted charges similar to yours.

Former Prosecutors in Your Corner

Facing any criminal charge — whether a misdemeanor or felony — tends to bring up an array of unpleasant emotions. Not only is the situation scary and stressful, but more often than not, it’s just flat-out confusing, too. The good news: we know both sides of the criminal process. You see, three of our attorneys (Jon, Sarah, and Katheryn) were prosecutors before they were criminal defense attorneys. This experience gives our firm the unique ability to not only explain the legal process in plain English, but to also strategize your case in a way that takes the prosecution’s perspective into account.

A knowledgeable team to guide you through

The operative word here is “guide.” We can’t make decisions for you, and neither should anyone else. That being said, we are happy to explain all of your options, answer all of your questions, and talk your case over with you and your family if that’s what you’d like to do.