Allen Child Protective Services Lawyer

A teacher, coach, neighbor, or another concerned adult may misinterpret a child’s comment, bruise or scratch and assume abuse or neglect. If they file a report with Texas’s Child Protective Services (CPS), you may risk losing your parental rights, your reputation, and face criminal charges.

At our office, an Allen child protective services lawyer understand that well-meaning individuals make mistakes. While they think they are protecting your child, they may actually be harming a loving household. Our seasoned attorneys can protect your family from wrongful accusations, criminal charges, and the loss of your child.

Protect Your Parental Rights

During a CPS investigation, you may face social worker intervention and the removal of your child. We will firmly defend your parental rights and fight either to have your child remain in the home or for the immediate return of your child. A child protective services lawyer in Allen knows how important your children are to you and the rest of your family. We will advocate on your behalf and clearly demonstrate why you should stay together.

Secure An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

While CPS investigations are considered civil cases, they can quickly spiral into serious criminal charges. Depending on the situation, you could be charged with neglect, abuse, or sexual abuse. You could face felony charges, jail time, and the loss of your parental rights.

Many of or attorneys are board certified in family law and criminal law. He can thoroughly investigate the evidence against you and provide a strong defense to protect your rights. A child protective services lawyer in Allen understands how the prosecution prepares their case and will serve as a strong advocate either in or out of court.

Contact An Allen Child Protective Services Lawyer To Protect Your Family

Our team knows that a simple misunderstanding can get out of hand. We will support your family and your relationship with your child. An Allen child protective services lawyer will closely work with you throughout your case and can answer any questions or concerns you have along the way. Schedule a consultation by calling today.