Allen High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

While all divorces are stressful, high-asset divorces are accompanied by unique complexities and concerns. Your attorney must understand the intricacies of dividing a variety of assets and the tax ramifications of various settlement arrangements.

At The Collin County Law Group, we have spent more than a decade guiding Texans through high-asset and high-conflict divorces. An Allen high-asset divorce lawyer understands the numerous factors at play during your divorce and can capably protect your best interests throughout the process. Our family attorneys have a track record of success mediating divorce settlements between willing parties, negotiating on behalf of clients, and strongly representing them in court.

The Importance Of Accurately Valuing Assets

You may be concerned about the future of your family business, retirement accounts, or your family inheritance during divorce. A high-asset divorce lawyer in Allen will thoroughly analyze all of your separate and marital assets, debts, and future needs to determine a strategy for your property division arrangement.

Texas is a community property state: Any property acquired during the marriage is eligible for division. However, some assets may be declared as separate property, such as an inheritance bestowed to one spouse. Accurately evaluating all of your assets is integral to fairly dividing marital property and protecting your financial future. Our team has the acumen and resources to properly value all manner of complex financial holdings and property.

Uncovering Hidden Assets To Protect Your Settlement

Unfortunately, high-asset divorces see a greater incidence of one spouse illegally concealing assets. With more assets to gain or lose, one spouse may try to bias the divorce settlement in their favor. This can be difficult to spot and requires assistance from an experienced legal team and sometimes even a forensic accountant. An high-asset divorce lawyer in Allen will carefully examine your circumstances to protect your right to a fair settlement.

Contact an Allen High-Asset Divorce Lawyer for Trusted Legal Counsel

Establishing resources for your life after divorce, including alimony and child support, requires an experienced attorney who can advocate on your behalf. Our team has a track record of successfully guiding clients through divorce and providing the trusted counsel that they need during this challenging time. When you need a dependable Allen high-asset divorce lawyer, contact The Collin County Law Group to schedule an initial consultation.