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When you are facing criminal charges in a branch of the United States District Court, you may be confused and frightened. Even if you have had past experiences with criminal courts in the state, the federal courts operate separately and very uniquely. The charges always involve alleged violations of federal laws, and the court sessions will take place in federal courthouses. Even so, the rights of defendants remain the same. You always have the right not to respond to any questions from law enforcement, evaluate the evidence the prosecutor presents before the trial, and promote a persuasive defense in court.

When you have been arrested due to an alleged violation of federal law, an Allen federal criminal lawyer can help. A defense attorney can provide more information about what your charges mean and work to protect your Constitutional rights.

Cases that Fall Under Federal Law

Most examples of arrests involve an alleged violation of state law. However, every person must also follow federal criminal laws. These laws aim to prevent harm from affecting the federal government or could impact people in multiple states. Common examples include:

These cases are handled by the United States Attorney and his Assistant United States Attorneys in the local United States District Courthouse. A federal crimes attorney in Allen can help a person better understand why they are facing federal criminal charges because of their conduct.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Accusations

The federal criminal code makes a wide variety of acts illegal. However, every statute in the law will fall under one of two categories. These categories determine the severity of the offense and the potential penalties.

The less severe of the categories are misdemeanors. Here, the court may sentence the guilty party to no more than one year in prison. In addition, there are subclasses of misdemeanors that may carry lesser maximum penalties.

The more severe category of offenses is that involving felonies. These offenses carry a possible prison sentence of at least one year. In the most extreme examples, such as those involving terrorism or murder, the court has the authority to issue the death penalty.

Even if the court does not sentence the guilty party to time in prison, it may still issue heavy fines, order the surrender of property, and will create a criminal record. A federal criminal lawyer in Allen could help an individual understand the potential consequences of a conviction and fight to avoid this outcome.

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Accusations that allege a violation of the federal criminal code require your utmost attention. Even a conviction for a federal misdemeanor-level offense can have wide-reaching consequences impacting every part of your life. A felony conviction will likely result in prison time and consequently affect your civil rights, like voting and gun ownership, for the rest of your life.

Contact an Allen federal criminal lawyer now. Our team is ready to listen to your side of the story, evaluate the prosecution’s case, and fight to protect your Constitutional rights and freedom. Call today to schedule a consultation about your defense options.