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Fraud describes situations where a person intentionally takes actions to deceive others. Usually, this involves cases where a defendant allegedly attempts to gain money or some other form of property as a result of an outright lie or some other type of deceit. As a result, there are a variety of Texas laws making it illegal to lie or deceive others and commit fraud.. However, no two fraud cases are exactly alike. Forming effective defenses against these serious allegations requires strict attention to detail and the dedication to uncover the full story behind the accusations.

An Allen fraud lawyer could provide this help. Our defense attorneys have the resources to give your case the attention it deserves and provide the specialized assistance you need. As a local firm, we can guide you through the legal process and explain what to expect in local courthouses.

Examples of Fraud Cases in Allen

State law does not have a single statute about fraud. Instead, a collection of laws prohibits fraudulent activity. As a result, a variety of fraudulent activities may be illegal under state law. These include:

Insurance Fraud

Under Texas Penal Code § 35.02, it is against the law to deceive an insurance company. This may include providing false information to receive coverage under a policy or making false claims in an attempt to receive benefits.


Under Texas Penal Code § 32.21, forgery describes the alteration of a written document to give a reader a false impression. For example, a defendant may face charges related to an unauthorized change to another’s will or fake money

Credit Card Abuse

Under Texas Penal Code § 32.31, a person may never use another’s credit card without permission. In addition, it is illegal to merely possess another’s credit card without their consent and have the intent to use it, even if you never get a chance to use it.

These are a small sample of the charges that could lead to someone getting charged with fraud. A collection of activities falls under the umbrella of fraudulent activity. An Allen attorney could provide more information about fraud and help a person gain a better understanding of what a prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction under the state’s fraud statutes.

Key Concepts in Fraud Cases

Each example of alleged fraudulent activity comes with its own definitions and elements under state law. Creating reasonable doubt about a single element of any criminal accusation will defeat a prosecutor’s case. For example, a defendant’s attorney may argue a person never provided false information to an insurance company.

Another key concept in most fraud cases is the idea of intent. In short, a prosecutor must prove a defendant acted to deceive another person or company intentionally. As a result, evidence that a defendant made a simple mistake could defeat a prosecutor’s case. A fraud lawyer in Allen could help discover the specific facts that can form the basis of an effective and winning defense.

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Accusations of fraudulent activity are serious matters. Many of these cases are felonies, where convictions come with prison sentences. In all examples, a conviction will create a criminal record and can come with severe penalties.

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