Allen Misdemeanor Lawyer

If you or a loved one is charged with a misdemeanor offense, there are many variables to consider when facing these charges. While the range of punishment on these cases is typically jail time in the county jail and a fine or a probation term with multiple conditions to complete, a misdemeanor offense can also carry with it a variety of life-long consequences. The long-term consequences can affect your rights to carry a firearm or the ability of the prosecution to enhance future, similar charges. At The Collin County Law Group, an Allen misdemeanor lawyer is familiar with these consequences and want to work to get you the best outcome on your case. A criminal defense attorney is ready to protect your rights.

The Three Classes of Misdemeanors

There are three classes of Collin county misdemeanor cases: Classes A, B, and C. Class C level offenses are punishable by fine only (up to $500.00), and many times are handled in municipal or justice of the peace courts. Class B level misdemeanor cases can be punished by up to 180 days in the county jail, up to a $2,000.00 fine, or a combination of fines and jail time. Class A misdemeanors can be punished with up to a year in the county jail, up to a $4,000.00 fine, or a combination of fines and jail time. A lawyer in Allen can further explain these misdemeanor classes.

Misdemeanor Cases We Handle

Contact an Allen misdemeanor lawyer if you need help with a case. We can put our experience to work for you.