Allen Sex Crimes Lawyer

Being accused of a sex offense can be overwhelming and shocking. Even if you know the accusation is false, you still need to take the charges seriously and work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A conviction could gravely impact your career, reputation, personal life, and future. Our attorneys are empathetic advocates who will carefully listen to your story, ensuring that your rights are protected and your narrative is fairly shared. An Allen sex crimes lawyer can competently protect you in court or negotiate for a favorable resolution to your case.

Offenses Against Children

Under state law, sexual offenses against children are taken especially seriously and the potential repercussions are even more severe. Authority figures such as coaches, teachers, and leaders who spend a lot of unsupervised time with children are most at-risk for allegations of abuse. If the alleged victim is under age 14, then aggravated sexual assault charges are more likely.

Unfortunately, adults may misunderstand a child’s account of an event and misinterpret an innocent encounter. A sex crimes attorney in Allen will carefully evaluate the situation and all evidence to ensure that your voice is heard. Allegations do not equal guilt, and we will advocate on your behalf. Additionally, we have a strong record of representing parents who face charges and can assist you in cases involving Child Protective Services.

Contact an Allen Sex Crimes Lawyer That Delivers Results

If you face sex offense allegations, do not wait to speak with an attorney. Prompt action can get you the best chances of a favorable resolution. Our team is prepared to provide the capable defense you need in or out of court. An Allen sex crimes lawyer knows how to prepare a strong argument and clearly present your position in front of a court and jury. Call The Collin County Law Group to schedule a consultation at our Allen office.