Allen White Collar Defense Lawyer

When a citizen is charged with a white-collar crime, they are scared, confused, and overwhelmed. Often, they have been contacted by a detective who has been investigating the case for many months. Unlike other criminal offenses, white-collar crimes are usually paper and computer record intensive and can take time to bring charges. Typically, these cases require a lot of experience to investigate, to prosecute and to defend you. The defense attorney you hire should be familiar with white-collar crime cases from investigation to prosecution.

Many times, prosecutors of white-collar crimes attempt to use sophisticated evidence such as cell phone tower records, cell phone dumps, and computer forensics. Sometimes, however, the prosecutor only needs bank records to prosecute someone. The prosecutor may use an expert to assist him with the investigation and the presentation of evidence in your case. Whether your prosecutor calls computer forensic experts, financial experts, or other experts, when you are charged with a white-collar crime, you should retain a legal representative who has these types of contacts and is prepared to utilize these types of experts to protect you.

An Allen white-collar defense lawyer will step up and fight for you. Our firm has over 100 years of combined experience helping people like you. As a local firm, our attorneys know how the area’s courts function and will strive to protect your rights while raising reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s allegations.

Possible White-Collar Crimes in Collin County

A white-collar crime typically describes a situation where a person takes illegal action with money or physical property. In general, these are not crimes involving any sort of violence. Nevertheless, these cases can bring harsh penalties upon conviction—from stiff prison sentences to high restitution requirements.

Many examples of white-collar crimes are felonies. This means a conviction can result in a stay in prison. As a result, it is critical to understand the state laws that define these offenses and what a prosecutor must prove in court to obtain a conviction.

Common examples of white-collar crimes include:

  • Theft involving high values
  • Employee Theft
  • Execution of a Document by Deception
  • Tampering with a Government Record
  • False Statement to Obtain Property or Credit
  • Engaging in Organized Crime
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Identity Theft

A defense attorney in Allen could explain the specific elements of each white-collar charge a prosecutor must prove. They can then work to uncover additional information about an incident to discover information that helps build an effective and strong defense.

Developing Potent Defenses Against White Collar Crimes in Allen

White-collar crimes involve alleged financial wrongdoing. As a result, it is important to have a legal team with the knowledge and resources needed to evaluate the prosecution’s allegations and examine the records in the case properly.

A white-collar defense lawyer will provide this support. A legal representative can work with the appropriate expert to examine all computer and financial records a prosecutor is using to prosecute their case. They are also ready to talk to any witnesses to an alleged crime and evaluate the truthfulness of their statements.

In addition, an attorney will help during every stage of a criminal case. This includes arguing for fair bail terms after an arrest, challenging the admissibility of evidence during pre-trial court sessions, and introducing powerful evidence at trial that aims to create reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.

An Allen White Collar Defense Lawyer Wants to Protect Your Rights

Allegations related to supposed financial crimes, financial abuse, or identity theft fall under the umbrella of white-collar crimes. Even though these cases do not allege physical violence, many convictions are felonies with stiff prison sentences. When you are facing allegations related to fraud or other versions of white-collar crime, you need legal representation ready to fight for you from day one. A defense attorney is prepared to provide this help.

Our firm knows how difficult white-collar crime cases can be based on years of experience. Before defending those accused of these types of crimes, three of our attorneys spent time prosecuting these cases. This experience helped our team learn how prosecutors prepare for cases like yours and gave them the knowledge and skills necessary to protect your rights in these highly complex and complicated cases. Call an Allen white-collar defense lawyer to discuss your case.