Denton County Case No-Billed

Denton County Case No-Billed
Denton County Case No-Billed

Thanks to the hard work of Jon O’Toole and Sarah Fox, trial attorneys at Collin County Law Group, a client had their first-degree felony Denton County Case no-billed by the Grand Jury.

The client was facing a three-count indictment alleging Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Sexual Assault of a Child, and Indecency with a Child.

Making a Grand Jury Presentation

Jon and Sarah worked with the client, their friends and family members to prepare a grand jury presentation. After several meetings with the client, they produced a presentation so the grand jury members could understand all of the facts. After deliberating, the grand jury returned a verdict of no-bill, ending the case against the client. Having this Denton County case no-billed means no further prosecution against this client for these allegations.

Thanks for Helping Get a Denton County Case No-Billed

We thank the Denton County grand jury for considering all the facts and making a concerted effort to see justice prevailed in this case. We also thank the client, the family members, and their friends who put their faith and trust in our attorneys to provide the best advice and assistance in this most trying of times. Finally, we thank Jon and Sarah for their hard work and diligent effort presenting the best case for the client.

Full-Service Mc Kinney, Texas Criminal Defense Law Firm

At Collin County Law, we make every effort to provide the best criminal defense representation for our clients. We advise our clients on a wide range of criminal matters and the attendant collateral consequences. In some cases we collaborate with other professionals such as doctors, experts, polygraphers, and investigators to provide our clients with a full service law firm in McKinney, Texas. Since our attorneys routinely handle some of the most heinous allegations, many of our clients’ cases are presented to the grand juries in the counties we serve. In some of these types of cases, we work with our clients to prepare a presentation on their behalf to the grand jury. This helps the client by convincing the grand jury to no-bill the case or indict it as a lower level offense. If the case is indicted at a lower level offense, the client is exposed to lesser punishment levels. If a grand jury presentation is not successful, we fight the client’s case vigorously and diligently. Contact our office today to speak to an attorney.