Surviving the Split

Surviving the Split

The process for getting a divorce can be a long one. From the first conversation to the day you sign the final divorce decree can be months or even years.

Between the friends, family and other people involved, it can be stressful trying to make it through getting a divorce. There may be times when you feel like you have told your story too many times and other times when you may feel completely alone.

These are two suggestions to guide you through the divorce process, with

Be Careful Who You Talk To

You will absolutely need the support of your friends and family while you go through getting a divorce. They may even be the people who can help you make important transitions, like finding a new place or replacing the possessions that your spouse took.

When you are talking to your friends and family, keep track of who knows what and any information could get back to your spouse. While your friends may mean well when they are talking to other people, the information can spread to the wrong people and make asset division, child custody and other matters more challenging to deal with.

While the divorce is still in progress, try to keep your social circle small. Try to avoid circumstances where you are talking about your pending divorce to acquaintances and other people you do not know well. You may feel isolated, trying to avoid certain situations, but remind everyone that you can bring them up to speed once everything is finished.

Stay Off Social Media

For the most part, judges agree that if something exists on social media, you expect that information is public. While you may have your accounts locked as much as possible, a secured account does not prevent someone from taking a screenshot or other picture of a post and spreading it either through social media or other means.

Although you may want to keep your friends and family updated on how you are doing, social media is not the best solution for support. It may be easier to tell everyone what is going on all at the same time; it can be difficult to know what your spouse may try to use against you.

If possible, try to stay off social media altogether while you are going through a divorce. What seems like an innocent vacation post can turn into trouble if there are questions about child support, alimony or other financial matters. Call our team for help with the divorce process.