Update to Our Website to Better Serve Our Clients

The Need for An Update

We’re slowly working to build a new, more modern website for clients of The Collin County Law Group and update the way we reach our clients. Currently we’re operating from www.jonotoolelaw.com; however, we’re hoping by the end of the summer to update www.mckinneytxlawfirm.com and have it active. Expect this site to be significantly more informative. As part of this upgrade we’re combining our blog with our website, instead of having the two on individual platforms.

The new site will have specific information for individuals based on the offense with which they have been charged. There will be links to helpful information, including jail and case lookup pages for the counties we serve. Also, because the site will be more modern, it will be responsive, so no matter what device you’re looking for an attorney on, we will be there.

We hope the update will allow our customers to want to become lifetime clients. With this update we are hoping to integrate many of our platforms into one, more meaningful client experience. We’re doing this update for you; to provide better service and hopefully make this trying time in your life somewhat easier. At The Collin County Law Group we realized our website was not providing the user experience we expect to provide, and therefore we are working diligently on this update. Please let us know what you think as we move along in this update.

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