Why a Local, Collin County Defense Attorney Can Serve You Best

Why a Local, Collin County Defense Attorney Can Serve You Best
Why a Local, Collin County Defense Attorney Can Serve You Best

The defense attorneys at The Collin County Law Group have been asked many times, “why should I hire you over this other attorney whose office is in Dallas, near where I live.”

As Collin County continues to grow in population, the population becomes more diverse and people from other communities travel into and around the county. If someone is caught and charged with a crime in Collin County, their first instinct may be to hire an attorney whose office is near them, or maybe a neighbor recommended the attorney to them, or even hiring the lawyer with the big billboard “from the big city.” Those attorneys may be good attorneys and will undoubtedly assist you with your case; however, if they do not regularly practice in Collin County they may not be the best choice for you. Hiring a local, Collin County defense attorney, like those at The Collin County Law Group, can provide you with several advantages.

Local attorneys, those who practice in a county on a regular basis, have several advantages you might not think about when looking for someone to help you with your criminal case. Local attorneys are generally closer to the courthouse where the case will be handled. Local attorneys are in and around the courthouse more frequently. Finally, local attorneys work, on an almost daily basis, with the prosecutor, judge, and court staff and are very aware of the numerous local policies or procedures.

Proximity to The Courthouse Is an Advantage

When an attorney charges you a fee, part of the fee may include travel time to and from the courthouse. Hiring an attorney from out of the county your charge is in may mean a larger fee as the attorney sees a lot of driving time or commute time to and from the courthouse. Additionally, if the attorney you retain for your criminal case is not regularly in the courthouse they may not want to make extra or separate trips to the courthouse to pick up discovery or other items from the district attorney’s office. The attorneys at The Collin County Law Group office less than five miles from the courthouse. Usually we can be at the courthouse in under 15 minutes even in the heaviest of traffic. At The Collin County Law Group you will find a local, Collin County defense attorney who will spend more time serving you.

Being at The Courthouse Daily Helps Resolve Your Case Quickly

An out-of-county attorney may visit the courthouse on a monthly or even longer basis because most of their clients have cases in the county in which they normally practice. In this type of situation, the attorney typically is only at the courthouse when your case is on the docket. This can lead to your case being extended unnecessarily as the attorney juggles your case and the cases of his clients whose cases are in the courthouse in which he spends so much of his time. Also, an attorney from another county or who doesn’t regularly practice in Collin County, may have to hire a local attorney to be present on your case’s docket days.

As a local Collin County defense attorney, at least one of the attorneys at The Collin County Law Group are in or around the courthouse daily. This provides our clients an attorney who can pick up last minute discovery, talk to the prosecutor about your case between court settings, or even assist getting a bond set on an unexpected warrant.

It Can Sometimes Be About Who and What You Know

If you chose to hire an attorney from a county other than Collin County, something you will want to ask them will be what their relationships with the other parts of the justice system are like. Attorneys from other counties may not be aware of the policies of a judge about certain plea bargains. Likewise, an attorney who doesn’t regularly practice in Collin county may not know what the prosecutor handling your case thinks about the charges your facing. Similarly, familiarity with specialized programs or specific procedures can make a criminal case go smoother and provide you with a better than expected outcome. The Collin County Law Group attorneys pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our colleagues in the Collin county criminal justice system. Every attorney at The Collin County Law Group is a local, Collin County defense attorney with several years of experience. We cultivate those relationships, so we can better serve our clients. We also are members of the local criminal defense bar and maintain a high standard of professional relationships with members of the Collin County District Attorney’s office, the Collin County judiciary and the Collin County law enforcement. We do this so we can help our clients through a very tough time in their lives.

Find a Local, Collin County Defense Attorney at The Collin County Law Group

Attorneys from other counties can practice and be successful for you in Collin county; but, if you are facing a serious criminal charge, taking the extra step of contacting us and talking to one of our attorneys can give you extra peace of mind. At The Collin County Law Group we know how important the outcome of criminal charges are, therefore, we work hard to be local criminal defense attorneys who can best help our clients. We truly embrace and want to be trial attorneys, with you every step of the way. Contact our office today to speak to an attorney.