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A Report Notes Problems with Child Protective Services

The Collin County Law Group July 20, 2020

Protecting the welfare of a child sometimes rests with the state. The home and living conditions for a child might prove too dangerous for them to remain there, so the state of Texas takes custody to keep the child safe. However, not all reports about Child Protective Services cast the entity in the best light.

In Texas, reports allege that Child Protective Services has not acted swiftly in cases where children faced harm. Federal court monitors made such statements after a lengthy investigation. Often, time is of the essence when dealing with a child in need, so it becomes understandable that some people push for reforms in the department.

The governor’s office, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and the Texas Department of Child Protective Services dispute the monitors’ findings. An official objection is now filed with the court. That is not to say the state has taken no actions to improve how Child Protective Services handles its duties; the state did hire more staff for the agency.

Reports claim that thousands of phone calls reporting abuse go unanswered. Sadly, there are instances where false complaints are filed with Child Protective Services’ workers. An example would be one parent having issues with the other and makes false accusations. A landlord angry about past-due rent choosing to make complaints would be another possible scenario.

When dealing with false accusations or even errors in judgment that bring Child Protective Services to the door, seeking representation from an attorney may prove helpful. An attorney may assist parents in preserving parental rights. Child Protective Services could attempt to remove a child from the home, and an attorney may try to prevent this from occurring. If a child has been removed, an attorney might petition for his or her return.