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How Can Fathers Increase the Chances of Getting Custody?

The Collin County Law Group May 30, 2019

It is important for all Texas children to have some type of fatherly relationship. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, children are healthier emotionally when their fathers are actively involved in their lives. When a father is involved with their children when they are in foster care, they are more likely to be placed with them when they are released. Child Protective Services (CPS) should help you to be a better father to your kids in several ways.

As the focus falls on child safety, there should be concern for the father and you should feel respected. CPS can work with fathers to teach them better parenting skills and rely on them early in the process rather than as a last resort. When a child is placed in foster care, there should be a diligent effort to locate the father independent of the information the mother has given. When looking for somewhere safe for a child to live, CPS should consider both the father and his family rather than just the mother’s family.

Fathers who are battling addiction should expect help from CPS and they should always have an input before a decision is made regarding their child. CPS offers many services to children and their parents, and fathers should be made aware of these as often as possible.

When dads are actively involved in their child’s life, the child is more likely to enjoy school, graduate and take part in extracurricular activities that benefit their life. As CPS works to improve the lives of children all over the state, it is important that fathers are a large part of the conversation.

This is intended as educational information and should not be interpreted as legal advice.