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How to Manage Work During the Divorce

The Collin County Law Group July 2, 2020

A Texas divorce does not freeze the rest of the spouse’s life in place until it is finalized. Instead, the person will still need to be a parent to their children and an employee at work. The latter can be a big challenge as the stress of the divorce could cause an employee’s productivity to drop.

If a person thinks that their work performance will be affected, they should have an early talk with their boss to alert them to the situation. This way, the boss will not have to wonder when they see a decline in job performance. This conversation may be able to help give the employee some peace of mind that one or two mistakes at work will not get them fired. If the boss or management tries to offer their support, it is best for the employee to accept it.

The employee can also take steps to ensure that their job performance remains steady. They should avail themselves of all resources possible to keep up their spirits. In addition, they should try to adopt an attitude of forgiveness and moving forward in order to put the past behind them as quickly as possible. However, there is always an urge to use work as the means to distract from other pressing issues. This temptation should be avoided because it keeps a person from addressing structural problems.

Divorce means that a person will need to start anew with their life at the same time as they are negotiating the breakup of their old one. There is a lot for someone to do, and it is natural that it would hurt their job performance. An individual may want to hire a divorce attorney to help them with the details of the process so that they can focus their efforts elsewhere during this difficult time.