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Making Sure Not to Harm Legal Rights During Divorce

The Collin County Law Group July 6, 2020

In some cases, Texas spouses going through a divorce can be their own worst enemy in making things more difficult for themselves legally. They must think of the big picture and avoid doing things that could inflame a judge if the matter goes to court. Otherwise, they may be harming their own legal interests.

One of the worst things that someone can do is act unilaterally during the divorce before they have had a chance to negotiate an agreement with their spouse or the court decides the matter. This includes moving with the children or trying to keep them from the other parent. Moreover, if there is a court order in place, the spouse must make sure to follow it to the letter. A judge could consider compliance with court orders when they are deciding custody issues.

When it comes to the other spouse, an individual must treat them with respect and not harass them. If there is a restraining order in place, they must obey it. With regard to marital assets or property, a person cannot spend it or draw down the money while the divorce is pending. Doing any of these things while the divorce is pending could cause a court to put in place permanent protections against that spouse because the judge could not trust them otherwise to follow a normal court order.

Anyone who has questions about the type of behavior that is permitted during a divorce may contact a family law attorney to learn more about what they should avoid. It is better to ask ahead of time than to learn the hard way after the court has issued some sort of punishment or taken away some rights in the divorce ruling. A person needs to be careful when the divorce is pending because it is a delicate time.