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Police Focus Heavily on Drunk Driving to Prevent Accidents

The Collin County Law Group Feb. 5, 2020

A statement from a Texas Department of Public Safety public information officer revealed that one-third of arrests in Hidalgo County during a four-day period were for driving while intoxicated. Altogether, law enforcement agencies within the county took 181 people into custody, and 59 of those individuals were accused of DWI.

The officer said that he considered the enforcement actions successful because he had not received any reports of an alcohol-related crash or fatality throughout the four days. He also remarked that the driving public appeared to be making a better effort to refrain from intoxicated driving. People were selecting designated drivers or employing rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

A victim services specialist from Mothers Against Drunk Driving said that high law enforcement visibility was important throughout the year to deter people from drunk driving or catch those who do. Ultimately, she hoped that drunk driving arrests would decrease due to people acting responsibly.

Although law enforcement has a duty to intervene with drunk drivers, a person charged with this crime still has rights. Faulty breath analyzing equipment or the incorrect administration of a sobriety test might create illegitimate evidence. A criminal defense attorney may detect problems like this and ask the criminal justice system to drop charges. Even if evidence remains in place, the advocacy of an attorney might protect a person from pleading guilty to original charges when a plea deal for lower charges may be possible. Options like this might be unclear to a person who has not received independent legal advice. An attorney may discuss the case with a prosecutor and negotiate terms that limit penalties. Legal assistance might position a person to regain a driver’s license and continue going to a job.