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Ways to Help Children Handle Divorce

The Collin County Law Group Feb. 14, 2020

Parents who choose to divorce in Texas should recognize that the end of their marriage can be just as hard on the children as it is on them. Dealing with all of the changes in their lives can be overwhelming for kids. There are several things that exes can do to help their children through the process.

Some kids blame themselves for their parents’ divorce or believe that there is some way that they can stop it from occurring. Parents should preferably sit down together and explain to their children that the separation is not their fault. The kids should also understand that they cannot take any actions that will stop the divorce from happening.

Holidays and birthdays can be difficult for kids to handle during and after divorce. They might want to continue the traditions already established by their families. Parents who remain amicable might consider celebrating the holidays and birthdays together while including new partners or spouses. This can allow the children to celebrate special occasions with all of the people that they love. Parents who are not amicable should at least plan ways for each ex to have time with their children during the holidays and on birthdays.

When a couple shares children and wishes to end their marriage, they should take steps to minimize the damage to the family. Working with an experienced divorce attorney might help a parent to step back from any emotional conflict. Legal counsel could advise a client on how to protect the children’s best interests and work to negotiate a parenting plan that may work well for everyone who is involved. Parents should remember that they will need to work together to raise their children for years to come after divorce.