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Why Might I Get a Visit From CPS?

The Collin County Law Group Aug. 16, 2019

It can be alarming to get a visit from Texas Child Protective Services. It often comes unexpectedly. You may be unaware of why they would even show up. The usual reason for a CPS visit, according to the Texas Children’s Commission is a call reporting abuse or neglect of your child or children. They must respond when they get such a call to investigate the situation.

Neglect is the most common reason for CPS calls. Neglect occurs when a child’s medical, emotional and physical needs are not being met properly. This is a very broad definition, which means neglect may cover a variety of situations. This might include leaving your child home alone, not taking your child to doctor visits, failing to pay proper attention to your child or putting your child in a risky situation. Anything that someone could interpret as not properly caring for your child could fall under neglect.

Abuse, on the other hand, is hurting a child in some way. It does not always have to be physical, although physical abuse is often part of such reports. Abuse can also include using drugs around a child, not protecting your child from abuse, involving your child in criminal activity or anything sexual related, including exposing a child to sexual situations. It may also include allowing your child to use drugs or be involved in sexual situations.

CPS will investigate the report it receives during the visit to your home. They may look around your home, ask questions and talk to your child. They may remove all children if evidence of abuse or neglect to any child. This information is for education and is not legal advice.