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Your Teen and Marijuana Possession

The Collin County Law Group Dec. 31, 2018

Out of nowhere, you receive a phone call from the police informing you that your child was caught possessing cannabis. Previously unaware of your child’s possible involvement with marijuana, you may be confused, angry and scared at the same time about your child’s situation and its potential effect on their future.

Peer Pressure

Even if your child says that they were holding the marijuana for a friend, there still may be trouble brewing. Teens may be more likely to start cannabis use if one of their friends is a regular user. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, this could lead to such things as:

It is important for parents that tried marijuana when they were young to know that the pot they smoked was very different than what is sold today.

Stronger And More Dangerous

Overall, marijuana sold today can have two to three times more THC, the chemical that makes people intoxicated, than the plant sold decades ago. Stronger and more psychoactive, cannabis used today can damage young brains at a much quicker rate from much less use.

Help With Complications

There may be health and legal complications for your teen that uses marijuana. An experienced criminal justice lawyer with experience in juvenile cases can explain legal options if your child is charged with a substance-related crime and advocate for their best interests. There are also addiction treatment centers offering services for youths with Cannabis Use Disorder.

The best way to try to prevent trouble is to keep an open line of communication with your teens about what is going on in their lives. Frequent discussions when your child is in their early teens or younger about the dangers of marijuana use can arm them with facts that discourage its use.