Frisco Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal charges could upend a person’s life in every way imaginable. A person facing these circumstances needs an attorney who will put them first.

A Frisco criminal defense lawyer has the knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve the best outcome possible. Our firm has experience providing vigorous defenses for people accused of all level of crimes. Our dedicated attorneys have all the resources of a large criminal defense firm with a small-firm commitment to treat you as an individual and take your case to heart.

Protecting the Rights of the Accused

Unfortunately, over-zealous police officers often overstep when they suspect someone of a crime. One of a defense lawyer’s most important jobs is making sure an accused person gets the benefit of their Constitutional rights. This includes holding police officers and prosecutors to their burdens.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Frisco will review the evidence collected during the law enforcement investigation to ensure the police followed their training and protocols. If the arrest resulted from a traffic stop, your lawyer will review the report and any video or photographic evidence to confirm they had reasonable suspicion for the stop and probable cause to search the vehicle.

A motion to suppress evidence could be successful if the investigators or arresting officers infringed on the your rights in these or other ways. Even if a judge does not grant the motion, prosecutors are often reluctant to move forward when they know the defense has evidence of police misconduct.

Exploring Alternative Criminal Sentencing When Appropriate

Some people arrested for non-violent offenses are eligible for a pre-trial diversion program. Collin and Denton Counties offer some first-time offenders the opportunity to avoid prosecution by completing the program.

Pre-trial diversion programs have different eligibility criteria and participation requirements, but they allow alleged offenders to engage in rehabilitation, counseling, life skills training, and other programs as appropriate. If an individual completes the program, the prosecutor dismisses the criminal charges, and the participant is eligible for an expunction.

Diversion programs are an excellent option for some. Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Frisco can explain the requirements for entry and assist eligible clients in completing the application process.

Forcing Prosecution to Prove a Criminal Case

Some criminal defense firms only focus on getting their clients a reasonable deal for a guilty plea. A lawyer in Frisco who is willing to take a criminal case to trial and force the prosecutor to prove their case is someone you may want on your side.

Every criminal charge has certain elements the prosecutor must prove. If they do not have evidence proving each element, a jury must find the accused not guilty. The right criminal lawyer could challenge the sufficiency and reliability of the prosecutor’s evidence for each component of the charge. If the prosecution relies on eyewitness testimony, that lawyer could question the motives and truthfulness of the witness.

Going to trial is not the right decision in every case, but a willingness to take a case to trial could force a prosecutor to back down if their case is weak. A prosecutor might prefer to lower the charge or dismiss the case rather than risk losing at a trial.

Trust a Frisco Criminal Defense Attorney to Handle a Case

A criminal charge is serious, but a positive outcome is possible if you work with a skilled and committed legal representative. Call a Frisco criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested or learn law enforcement is investigating you. Do not trust your future to an inexperienced lawyer. Call the seasoned attorneys at our firm to work for you.