Frisco Assault Lawyer

State courts and law enforcement officers treat assault as a serious legal offense. If you are facing allegations that you committed any type of assault, you should not take these charges lightly and assume everything will work out on its own. A conviction could have a long-lasting effect on your freedom and livelihood. With a criminal record, you could find it hard to obtain education or housing loans, and an employer might deny you a job.

A local Frisco assault lawyer and their legal team could help you fight back. Our criminal attorneys have years of experience, practical skills, resources, and knowledge to protect your rights and give you the best chance of a successful resolution.

What is an Assault?

A variety of scenarios that result in harm to a person can give rise to an assault charge. Under state laws, a person could face assault charges in the following situations:

  • They knowingly, intentionally, or unintentionally through reckless conduct, cause bodily harm to someone else, regardless if the other person is a stranger or a family member
  • They threaten someone in such a manner the other person reasonably fears for their safety
  • An individual reasonably considers physical contact by them to be provocative or offensive

Under this standard, a defendant could face assault charges for punching someone, but they could also face assault charges for threatening to punch someone. Even if no physical contact occurred, a person could face assault charges. Simply holding up one’s fist could be a threat the other person could reasonably fear for their safety. Speaking with an experienced assault attorney right from the start could make a difference in the outcome of a criminal case you are facing.

Various Types of Assault Charges

An alleged perpetrator could face several types of assault charges in the state.

Simple Assault

A simple assault happens when the alleged victim suffers no physical harm.

Aggravated Assault or Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

An aggravated assault occurs when the alleged victim suffers severe physical harm that meets the legal definition of serious bodily injury or when the perpetrator uses or brandishes a deadly weapon during the assault. A deadly weapon can be anything that is used or could be used to cause death or serious bodily injury. A firearm is always considered a deadly weapon. These enhancements raise a misdemeanor assault to a felony.

Domestic Violence Assault

The law considers assaults against family members, roommates, or current or prior romantic partners domestic violence assaults. These types of assaults have a variety of collateral consequences a lawyer in Frisco can explain to you and prepare for.

Assaults Against Public Servants

When someone commits an assault against a police officer, jury member, judge, or public official, they could face felony assault charges.

Different types of assault charges could result in varying degrees of criminal penalties. Some assault charges result in misdemeanors with penalties of up to a $500 fine, while other assault charges result in felonies that can bring severe monetary fines and extensive prison time. It is critical to retain a skilled lawyer who could work to reduce assault charges and minimize the resulting penalties.

Get in Touch with a Frisco Assault Attorney to Build a Defense

If you are accused of assault, you might be feeling overwhelmed and confused. You may not understand everything happening and the consequences you could face. A seasoned Frisco assault lawyer could help you comprehend the charges and penalties. Our team has extensive experience assisting people in fighting assault charges. They know how to work aggressively and effectively to assist people and are not afraid to do whatever it takes to do the best for you. Contact our office today to learn more about your legal options.