Frisco Federal Criminal Lawyer

When you face charges for a federal criminal offense, an assistant United States attorney will prosecute the case aggressively, and federal laws will mandate the minimum punishments for a conviction. An arrest and federal charges can jeopardize your life, peace of mind, and your finances; leaving you scared, confused, and unsure about your future.

However, thorough investigation, evidence review, and careful preparation can significantly improve your chance of overcoming the charges. Call a Frisco federal criminal lawyer when you or someone you love is facing prosecution in federal court. While the potential penalties can be unnerving, fighting for your rights with a dedicated defense attorney can prevent a negative outcome.

Criminal Offenses Leading to Federal Prosecution

People may face federal prosecution after an arrest when the government concludes criminal actions violate federal laws. Certain circumstances could also mean facing federal and state prosecution. Some of the crimes with the potential for federal charges include:

  • Drug offenses
  • Human trafficking
  • Fraud, tax fraud, and embezzlement
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly called RICO
  • Terrorism charges
  • Sex crimes involving children

Many federal offenses will lead to minimum sentencing requirements dictated by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. After reviewing your federal criminal case, an attorney in Frisco can answer specific questions about penalties and potential defense strategies.

Federal Crimes Carry Mandatory Minimums and No Chance of Parole

Since many federal criminal actions carry mandatory minimum sentencing requirements and can lead to years of incarceration, it is wise to contact a lawyer as soon as you learn you may be facing federal charges. While reducing sentences with good behavior is possible, there is no chance of parole under federal sentencing regulations. The most common federal prosecution is a conviction under the Controlled Substances Act.

The Federal Controlled Substances Act

The Federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) allocates drugs into five groups called schedules. The schedules categorize the substances on the potential for abuse, medical use, dependent probability, and safety. Drugs classified as schedule one drugs are considered the most severe.+

Anyone who knowingly and intentionally manufactures, dispenses, distributes, or possesses the type, quantity, or weight of drugs, including counterfeit substances the law specifies, faces federal prosecution under CSA. According to federal law 21 USC § 841, mandatory sentencing requirements include the following:

  • Distributing one kilogram or more of heroin: 10 years to life
  • Distributing 100 grams to one kilogram of heroin: 5 to 40 years
  • Distributing certain drugs leading to severe injuries or death: 20 years to life
  • A second CSA offense: 5 to 40 years
  • Two or more felony convictions or prior convictions for distributing drugs leading to injuries: life
  • Repeat drug offender: 10 years to life

Repeat CSA charges, multiple convictions for drug offenses, or second drug offenses leading to injuries can have even more severe penalties including enhanced minimums. An experienced Federal criminal lawyer in Frisco can review the facts of your arrest and case to determine if there is potential to challenge the allegations.

Call a Practiced Federal Criminal Attorney in Frisco

Federal drug cases can present questions on the legality of the searches or flaws in the investigation that lead to the searches, arrests, and charges. Determining which points to argue could help reach the best potential outcome in your case. An arrest for federal charges is always frightening but facing them does not automatically lead to a guilty conviction and sentencing.

When considering counsel to help plan your defense, locating a Frisco federal criminal lawyer with the experience to take on the case is crucial. Our firm is prepared to fight and do whatever it takes to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Call today to discuss your legal options.