Frisco Murder Lawyer

A murder conviction can take everything from you: your family, job, freedom, and life. The stakes are so high you must not leave your defense to asking friends which attorney handled their DUIs. You need an attorney with a proven track record of winning big cases, one who believes in you.

Our criminal defense attorneys care about each client and work tirelessly to get positive results. Collectively, we have 100 years of experience handling murder and other felony cases. Do not trust your future to inexperience. A Frisco murder lawyer can help you build a defense.

What is Murder?

Texas Penal Code § 19.02 lays out the parameters for the crime of murder. In its simplest form, it is when one person knowingly or intentionally causes another’s death. Knowingly means the person knew what they were doing would result in death. Intentionally means the accused chose to commit an act leading to another’s death. Murder is also charged when a person intends to cause serious injury, commits an extremely dangerous act, and someone dies because of it, such as shooting a firearm into a crowd.

Murder can also occurs when, in the commission or attempt to commit a felony, a person perpetrates a dangerous act that kills another, such as bludgeoning a homeowner during a robbery. When someone causes a death because of their reckless actions, the charges might be reduced to manslaughter, which a Frisco lawyer can argue in some murder cases.

Degrees of Murder

Texas law charges murder as first or second-degree felony offense. A first-degree felony carries a punishment range of five to 99 years of prison and fines up to $10,000 and a second degree felony has a range of between two years and 20 years in prison but the same level of fines. There is a special charge of first-degree murder called capital murder, but it is reserved for when the act is particularly heinous or other special circumstances apply. Capital murder is punished by either life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

When a defense attorney proves sudden passion overtook the accused and caused the death, the charges may be lessened to a second-degree felony with incarceration of between two and 20 years. An attorney in Frisco can explain the exact charge and possible consequences for a specific case and work to lessen the penalties.

Defenses to Murder Charges

Although every detail shared with a defense attorney and every piece of evidence uncovered will inform a personalized defense, some defenses are common because they are effective. These include:

  • No intent to murder
  • Self-defense
  • Defending someone else in imminent danger
  • Mistaken identity
  • The killing was an accident
  • More than one probable explanation for the death

Even when the prosecutor believes they have overwhelming evidence, our murder lawyers in Frisco are up to the challenge to exonerate a person or have the charges reduced.

A Frisco Murder Attorney Can Build an Effective Defense

Our legal team includes experienced trial attorneys, investigators, and support staff who can coordinate your case to expertly rebut what the prosecutor says about you. Remember, you do not have to prove anything; the prosecutor does.

At the prosecutor’s every accusation, our attorneys will dissect, examine, and rebut to enlighten the jury that the prosecutor’s story may be flawed or not the only one that supports the evidence. A Frisco murder lawyer at our firm does what it takes to champion your freedom and future. Call now to discuss your case.