Drug Charge Defense Attorneys in McKinney, Texas

When you or a family member are charged with a drug offense there are usually many questions that immediately come to mind. You want an attorney who is at the forefront of defending against drug charges, and in Collin county the attorneys at Andor, Goheen, O’Toole, Wadas & Gonzalez, P.L.L.C. are ready to fight for you. With hundreds of trials, many of them involving drug charges, our attorneys know what it takes to successfully defend against these types of charges. At the Collin County Law Group, our team of former prosecutors and experienced defense attorneys will be with you throughout the process.

We fight all types of drug charges, in both state and federal courts

In Texas, especially in Collin county, drug charges are very serious and can encompass many different types of cases. Drug charges are typically broken down into penalty groups by types of drugs or what makes up the drug. In Texas drug cases, the charges many times refer to methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, alprazolam, THC, marijuana; but we also handle drug charges involving other drugs. Most drug charges fall under the crime of possession. PossessionYou will know this is the type of charge you are facing because it will say, “possession of a controlled substance,” and then list an illegal drug from one of the penalty groups. There are times a possession case becomes a more serious charge. This occurs when the prosecution increases the charge to manufacturing or delivery. This type of change can result in a charge being increased to the next highest level of criminal charge. Sometimes the police or prosecutor also enhance a drug charge with an allegation the offense occurred in a drug-free zone. A drug-free zone is an area designated as such because of how close it is to a park, church, community center or similar area. These enhancements increase the level of the charge or change the range of the punishment. Having a criminal defense attorney knowledgeable in these types of enhancements and how they affect you or your family member can be the difference between prison, probation, a conviction or a not guilty. Although more and more states are legalizing marijuana it is still illegal to possess marijuana in Texas. At the Collin County Law Group, we handle all aspects of marijuana charges and make sure we are up to date on the latest changes to the law when it comes to marijuana, hemp, or any other related THC charges.

In addition to state drug charges you may be charged in federal court. The decision to charge a drug charge in federal court can be based on many different reasons, including the amount of drugs involved, other aggravating factors like weapons or crossing state lines, or the possibility of a lengthy criminal history. If you or a family member is facing federal drug charges, you need to have an aggressive team of criminal defense attorneys ready to step in and help you. With attorneys licensed in federal court, the attorneys at Andor, Goheen, O’Toole, Wadas & Gonzalez, P.L.L.C. are ready to defend you against any drug charges brought by the federal government.

Drug charges can carry life-altering punishments

Drug charges can be a felony or misdemeanor offense. If the case is a misdemeanor it can be punished with up to a year in the county jail and up to a $4,000 fine, depending on the charge. If the case is a felony the range of punishment can be a state jail with a range between 180 days and two years, a third degree with a range of punishment between two years and 10 years, a second degree with a range of punishment between two years and 20 years, or a first degree with a range of punishment up to life in prison. All felony convictions can carry a fine up to $10,000.00. In federal court the punishment ranges can be even more severe. When a prosecutor charges you with manufacturing, delivery or uses the drug-free zone enhancement the punishment range can be increased. AddictIn addition to these modifications, some drug charges have mandatory probation sentences, some have increased minimum prison sentences or impacts on parole eligibility. You should hire a Collin county criminal defense attorney with the experience and knowledge to help you through this trying time and we are ready for your call at the Collin County Law Group.

A drug charge can also trigger a civil asset forfeiture case

Sometimes an asset forfeiture is sought as a collateral consequence to drug charges. This is a civil lawsuit filed by the police department, the district attorney’s office, or a government agency. In these cases, they are asking the court to award them with any property, money, or other asset they believe is related to drug trafficking or a drug charge. The attorneys at Andor, Goheen, O’Toole, Wadas & Gonzalez P.L.L.C. are experienced in fighting these types of cases and are ready to protect your assets.