In criminal law matters, whether it is a DWI in Collin County or a felony in Dallas, there are numerous questions everyone has and wants to ask but may not know where to turn for answers. Many people want to know the range of punishment they may be facing. Others need contact information for a jail or prison where their loved one may be. Some clients want information on treatment facilities, outpatient programs, or counselors.

At The Collin County Law Group, we believe it is important for our clients to be fully informed. It is difficult for you or a loved one to make decisions related to a criminal case without all of the information. In addition to providing an attorney to help you, we want to equip you with some basic information you may find helpful in any criminal charges in Collin, Dallas, Denton, or surrounding counties. Please use the links below for guidance and know they cannot replace competent legal representation. Any guides we provide are not intended to replace an attorney.

We also work closely with several professionals who provide services to our clients. We consider representing you and your family a collaborative effort and want to ensure you get the service you need.

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